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OMG! ~ Perhaps a Jolin exclusive?

Indeed this news had been the light of a very crappy tunnel!

Whilst searching YesAsia for certain goodies, I was looking for a mobile/cell phone strap/charm as I recently got a new phone that finally allows them, however, that search came to a complete halt when I accidently clicked onto the Chinese Music section of the website. My eyes couldn't believe it, for so long I have waited to see such a thing. The Queen of my entire Chinese music collection, Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), was releasing a new album, unfortunately it is a compilation album of her huge success since 2006 - however, it has 3 brand new tracks on the album, which I admit I have listened to and will give a review at the end, but it got me so excited... Could this be the callings of another album that I have anticipated for?

All was seeming bleak when listening to one of the greatest songs that she has ever released, Dancing Diva (舞孃/Wu Niang) - for those who do not know of this song, firstly shame on you all, it is the title track of her first album with the recording company Capitol that saw a huge come back for Jolin, it has many Asian elements within the music that gives it both a 'sexy' and very dance-able melody - Anyway, I kept thinking that my favourite singer of all Chinese music was never going to release a new album, which frankly got me a little annoyed as many stars were finally bringing out their newest albums.. I was dreading the news of having to come to terms with the fact that Jolin may be drifting out of the music scene..

The heavens saw my tears and answered with a few rumours, I understand they are mere rumours however, they are the hope that I can cling onto.

What rumours are these?

Yes! You guessed it, finally Jolin could be coming to the final steps of finishing her brand new album, this would be her first studio album under the record label Warner Music. I read that she plans to use the theme of a 'butterfly' for her upcoming release, with a possible title of 'Flower Butterfly' with a release date of March 2009!

Remember these are mere rumours, but they could be the outline of what's to come from the megastar that is Jolin Tsai. - So keep posted and lets hope she makes this guys dreams finally come true!

Now, for the review of the 3 brand new tracks on the new compilation album Jeneration:
Song 1 = 耍大牌

Even after a few listens to this track I have to say that it is now in my top 10 favourite songs by Jolin, this girl knows how to bring the fun! What Jolin delivers is a hot track that you can put on when in a good mood and simply dance around your room to, when listening to it you can see yourself on a summers day dancing around with your friends to this track - it is a real winner for me. Not one to dissapoint her fans Jolin brings a funky feel to a semi-love song for the summer!

Song 2 = 让让

Another fun song by Jolin that allows a 'mellow-fun' melody that could match, or even beat, her delightful tracks Ideal State and Wander in Madrid. However, this new song is somewhat faster in tempo than the two songs stated before. With snippets of 'sexy' interludes it leads to quite an enjoyable track that makes you want to either 'bop' away on your seat or actually get up and have a dance to - another great from Jolin I think!

Song 3 = 惯性背叛

Such track I have not yet been able to get my hands on, but when I do, I'll update you!



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