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So excited I could pee!!

Oh yes! 

It has finally come, the new album by Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) - the Goddess of the Chinese music industry is back!

For so long, about 2 years, I have waited for this news. If people didn't already know Jolin is, and always will be, the top of my favourites no matter who i'm currently listening to continously she will remain my ultimate favourite. Each album this vixen has brought out has always been awesome for me and when I felt like Jolin had stepped back to deal with the many salons she owns, or allow her fashion collection to hit big time, she does not disappoint.

I understand that some parts may not make sense, but i'm not entirely sure if people could comprehend the excitement and happiness I am feeling right now (there are a few that probably do).

I just want to SCREAM.. but I know I'd wake up my flatmates and most people in this block, so all I can do is wiggle my feet, smile and quietly clap like a tool.

From the crappy cave that was without any news from Team Jolin, it was becoming disappointing that she was not attempting to bring together an album when she is in high demand; also fans anticipating for what Jolin could do next....and boy, she did come back with a punch, moving to a whole new level with dance styles influenced by ballet and contemporary (my own style of dance, which makes it all the more exciting)...in addition to this, the new song Real Man is IMMENSE, and even that word can not do justice to the track.

"I don't want a boyfriend, I need a real man" will be stuck in my head..

However... I'm not entirely sure how I'll cope when I get the new album in the post........I may hyperventilate and faint....

 -  thinking about that...it would be funny..





Ohhh how embarrasing ¬_¬ , though..frankly.. I don't really care.. because.. JOLIN HAS A NEW RELEASE.. which I have pre-ordered as the spacky fan that i am..

Oh, but I do love Jolin ^_^


Top 5 favourite 'modern' voices, so far?

While listening to Jam Hsiao (萧敬腾), who in my view has one the most powerful male vocals I have ever heard within the Chinese music industry, excluding those who are trained in the classical forms, it got me thinking about my favourite vocalists and why they really pulled at my heart strings. Why 5? Because I could pick many vocalists that have great voice but I'm going to attempt to cut it down. You will also notice my use of 'modern', this is simply because I adore both modern and classical chinese music, such as Song Zuying and Peng Liyuan, which I will comment on in another entry..In addition to this, as a treat, I will later post 5 top vocalists of the past, for example Zhou Xuan, Bai Guang and Yao Li, singers that your parents would have listened to thanks to your grandparents.. Why? Well, I believe they should not die out, but be respected and of course, there are songs from that era that are fabulous.. Anyway, they are not placed in order as I couldn't possibly do that, for the main reason that it would be very difficult for me to do.

So here we go, to start this off I'll chose Nicholas Teo (张栋梁).

This man has been blessed, yes blessed with a voice that could melt anything...especially me. I really can not do this man justice, for not only has he got the most 'heart throb' smile, but his vocals sound sweet and innocent - so sweet it makes you drool. Nicholas' ballads are something else as you can hear the emotions within his voice and though it isn't as powerful as other singers, there's a lot of feeling behind them that will make you weep. To name a few ballads that are killers for me, they are Heart which is merely heartbreaking especially if you watch the MV for this song too, another is Mistakes After Mistakes (错了再错) which shows Nicholas pushing is voice more than usual, which I like, and for some reason will get you smiling while being hit by the emotions in the song. Tears From Polaris (北极星的眼泪) is also a gem of Nicholas' that sums up his talents as a ballad singer.

However, though I adore Nicholas Teo I have seen a pattern with him, he doesn't seem to push himself vocally as you would like to and seems very 'safe'; sticking to know what will melt many hearts. I think that if he attempted some different techniques he could really make a bigger impact on his listeners. Also, more up tempo songs, I have seen this with a number of Chinese singers that they do like their slow song but sometimes they aren't for the time. When feeling happy people wish to listen to content and faster songs, this is where Nicholas lacks as the majority of his songs a slow. I'm not saying I dislike this, it its just as one of my favourite singers, I would like to see him with more fast songs. For an example, on his best album Prince Nicholas there are only 3 songs that could count as upbeat, 3 out of 11 songs that are upbeat is something I do not tend to like... Please Nicholas, in your next album, which you will release soon, please add the happiness and up the tempo, you are a sexy guy..show it!

The next vocalist has to be Jane Zhang (张靓颖).

Now I know that this rising star is not to everyone's taste, I have to say her vocals are the most impressive out of the more younger singers and seems to be a favourite for Directors to use for their OSTs. This Sichuan songstress proves herself worthy of stepping into the lime light as she churns out beautiful ballads and quite modern upbeat tracks. Not only has Jane got one of the most belting vocals among the younger female singers but has got the rare ability, one that I adore, the whistle register. For those who do not know what this is, try to think of Mariah Carey and Minnie Riperton, it means they can go higher than any other singers (having a far wider octave range) and for this they have named Jane the Dolphin Princess, which is frankly well deserved. Since rising from the singing contest Jane has had obvious problems with her whistle register technique, she knew how to use it but clearly the trouble lied with controlling it. Controlling it, you wonder. Yes, it is a hard technique to perfect and in her rednition of Minnie Riperton's "Loving You", which she did very well, I felt that at the end of every usage of the whistle register she lost control of it and simply...went flat so it sounded terrible.

On there other hand, this little star had clearly been working on the vocals and on the track in which Jane duets with Leehom Wang she shows the issues with control were no more, whatever happened in between this period I am so grateful. This gave me the hope that Jane would use it more often, something that would bump her up in my favourites and when I heard of a possible full length album, instead of the usual EPs we get from her, I was excited as they mentioned some tracks had her push herself using the whistle register.

However....when hearing the album, I was very disappointed, the only form of whistle register is so weak that it is somewhat over powered by the melody and the other track that was supposed to have her use the high pitched octaves?.. There was nothing.. It left me sitting there listening to another 'safe' album by Jane, how can she impress the listeners without showing off this talent she has..Jane, do not hide it! Hopefully the next album Jane will work with people who know what they're doing and get her to use the gift she has.

Now to the one and only Jolin Tsai (蔡依林).

Jolin never allows her fans any rest, with each album getting better and better always impressing her fans with the knew techniques she has learnt; dance-wise. For example, Dancing Diva - Classical Chinese and Hiphop dance styles that created Jolin as a 'sex' symbol. Agent J - A similar hiphop/rnb style dance with an addition of seduction through the ribbon dancing and also, pole dancing, creating Jolin as every guys dream girl; yes, the leather was the icing on the cake. Now what has she put before us? The greatest challenge for Jolin yet, a more ballet and contemporary dance style; as seen in her new track Real Man...yes, this girl dances the hardest styles in approx. 5 or 6 inch heels. You have to give her credit. When watching the Real Man MV I was strapped to my chair when she exploded into dance with her standing split and beautifully performed half barrel-role..in heels! - not an easy thing, I can tell you. Not only is this girl one of my favourite female artists, but the rising Queen of the Chinese (mandarin) music industry. The ballads this girl sings are like no other, the only singer to have made me cry when listening to the ballads, the Music Movie Jolin made for Agent J had me in tears...this girl has it all going on.

Though, no diamond is perfect, which pains me to even think this about my Jolin. Since MAGIC was released she has been having the same format for every album; 3 or 4 ballads, 1 cute song and the rest upbeat. Though every look is different and the beats immense, we need variation with the albums and hopefully her move to Warner Music will show this with Butterfly Jolin.

Now for the belter himself Jam Hsiao (萧敬腾).

Urgh, this man is a god. The voice Jam has is awesome and the most impressive vocals, when he wants to make an impact he does as I have not heard a male vocalist yet being able to match the power behind his lungs; other than those classicaly trained of course. His debut, and only, album is a must have, though Jam's sound tends to lean to rock, which is quite strange as when you see him on shows Jame is the most cutest thing to watch...he is shy, quiet and modest. Jam's voice is made for rock and power ballads, which is what the self titled album contains; all of them, I have to say, are brilliant. Every track you are swept away by the power of the voice and his techniques from soft, loud to even the use of falcetto (using the higher octaves).

However, there is something I do not understand about Jam... it seems like he wishes to continue to prove something to his listeners over and over again, pushing himself so far in his songs to the point where it sounds he is shouting a little...when in fact, it's his singing voice. Also, I think branching into a different genre, or even style. Trying a simple pop ballad would suit his voice well and an upbeat 'pop' influenced song would complement his onstage persona of being the 'quiet' one.

Lastly, I have chosen A Duo (阿朵).

Why chose such a vixen as this to be as one of my favourite vocalists? Well, those who are not family with A Duo, she could be described as possibly the Pamela Anderson of the Chinese music business...I'm not saying that she runs around with rock stars and makes sex tapes.. A Duo is provokative and incredibly sexy, possibly border line glamour model to boot; not to mention having a rather bigger chest than any other chinese star thanks to plastic surgery. Secondly this girl hasn't got the skinny physique one would believe a star would have. No, A Duo has a figure and one she is not modest to flaut, if you watch the MV for her album track Treasure you will see that she has something called a belly..at times moments of a 'muffin' top when bend over. This makes this girl very real and all the more attractive, though recently A Duo's weight as dropped slightly, but still keeping the venus like physique. However, it is not just about the appearance, as this girl as a powerful voice..granted not the most powerful, but she gives other artists run for their money. A Duo's upbeat songs are incredibly sexy that will make you get up and dance no matter what, while the melody is not like mainstream 'rnb/hiphop/pop' would be like..which i admire. On the other hand, the ballads this girl brings out are a must listen to. They impact you and also when she wants to show that she deserves credit as a great singer, the voice speaks for itself as she gives belting flourishes.

However, this sex symbol sometimes takes things to the extreme and possibly comes off trying to be Western instead of using her sexuality subtly..though there is nothing wrong with her flaunting; it can get a little old sometimes. Also, I'm not entirely sure about the army-esque theme of one of her tracks on Treasure, it does not seem to fit to her image...seeming, out of place perhaps?.. Nonetheless, keep doing what you are doing as I have no doubt all those guys are just dying to drop to her knees and beg A Duo's attention.

OMG! ~ Perhaps a Jolin exclusive?

Indeed this news had been the light of a very crappy tunnel!

Whilst searching YesAsia for certain goodies, I was looking for a mobile/cell phone strap/charm as I recently got a new phone that finally allows them, however, that search came to a complete halt when I accidently clicked onto the Chinese Music section of the website. My eyes couldn't believe it, for so long I have waited to see such a thing. The Queen of my entire Chinese music collection, Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), was releasing a new album, unfortunately it is a compilation album of her huge success since 2006 - however, it has 3 brand new tracks on the album, which I admit I have listened to and will give a review at the end, but it got me so excited... Could this be the callings of another album that I have anticipated for?

All was seeming bleak when listening to one of the greatest songs that she has ever released, Dancing Diva (舞孃/Wu Niang) - for those who do not know of this song, firstly shame on you all, it is the title track of her first album with the recording company Capitol that saw a huge come back for Jolin, it has many Asian elements within the music that gives it both a 'sexy' and very dance-able melody - Anyway, I kept thinking that my favourite singer of all Chinese music was never going to release a new album, which frankly got me a little annoyed as many stars were finally bringing out their newest albums.. I was dreading the news of having to come to terms with the fact that Jolin may be drifting out of the music scene..

The heavens saw my tears and answered with a few rumours, I understand they are mere rumours however, they are the hope that I can cling onto.

What rumours are these?

Yes! You guessed it, finally Jolin could be coming to the final steps of finishing her brand new album, this would be her first studio album under the record label Warner Music. I read that she plans to use the theme of a 'butterfly' for her upcoming release, with a possible title of 'Flower Butterfly' with a release date of March 2009!

Remember these are mere rumours, but they could be the outline of what's to come from the megastar that is Jolin Tsai. - So keep posted and lets hope she makes this guys dreams finally come true!

Now, for the review of the 3 brand new tracks on the new compilation album Jeneration:
Song 1 = 耍大牌

Even after a few listens to this track I have to say that it is now in my top 10 favourite songs by Jolin, this girl knows how to bring the fun! What Jolin delivers is a hot track that you can put on when in a good mood and simply dance around your room to, when listening to it you can see yourself on a summers day dancing around with your friends to this track - it is a real winner for me. Not one to dissapoint her fans Jolin brings a funky feel to a semi-love song for the summer!

Song 2 = 让让

Another fun song by Jolin that allows a 'mellow-fun' melody that could match, or even beat, her delightful tracks Ideal State and Wander in Madrid. However, this new song is somewhat faster in tempo than the two songs stated before. With snippets of 'sexy' interludes it leads to quite an enjoyable track that makes you want to either 'bop' away on your seat or actually get up and have a dance to - another great from Jolin I think!

Song 3 = 惯性背叛

Such track I have not yet been able to get my hands on, but when I do, I'll update you!

CPOP 2008 Awards

Seeing this from a friend's blog I felt like doing one myself, instead of completely copying her (like I oddly seem to do alot) I would make up others that could coincide with the CPOP Music 'scene' / 'industry'.

Award: Best Male Voice of 2008
Nominees- 林俊杰 (JJ Lin), 王力宏 (Leehom Wang), 罗志祥 (Show Luo), 方大同
(Khalil Fong), 何维健 (Derrick Hoh), 张栋梁 (Nicholas Teo)

Award: Best Female Voice of 2008
Nominees- 詹雯婷 (Faye - F.I.R), 张靓颖 (Jane Zhang), 杨丞琳 (Rainie Yang), Kary Ng, 梁静茹 (Fish Leong), Joey Yung, Kelly Chen, 蔡依林 (Jolin Tsai), 阿兰 (alan), 萧亚轩 (Elva Hsiao)

Award: Best Male Album of 2008
Nominees- Trendy Man (罗志祥-Show Luo), Heart.Beat (王力宏-Leehom Wang), SIXOLOGY (林俊杰-JJ Lin), Capricorn (周杰伦-Jay Chou), From Now On (New + Best Selection) (张栋梁-Nicholas Teo), Jam Hsiao (Deluxe Edition) (蕭敬騰-JameHsiao)

Award: Best Female Album of 2008
Nominees- Not Yet A Woman (杨丞琳-Rainie Yang), Kellylicious (Kelly Chen), Serving You (卫兰-Janice Vidal), Ten Days in the Madhouse (Denise Ho), Evolve (Myolie Wu), Love Exercise (蔡依林-Jolin Tsai), I love Karen Mok Best Collection (Karen Mok), 3 Faced (萧亚轩-Elva Hsiao)

Award: Greatest Fashion Male Icon of 2008
Nominees- 罗志祥 (Show Luo), 林俊杰 (JJ Lin), 周杰伦 (Jay Chou), 王力宏 (Leehom Wang), Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, 吴尊 (Wu Zun-Fahrenheit), Leon Lai, 唐禹哲 (Danson Tang)

Award: Greatest Fashion Female Icon of 2008
Nominees- 蔡依林 (Jolin Tsai), 陈嘉桦 (Ella Chen), 杨丞琳 (Rainie Yang), 卫兰 (Janice Vidal), 谭晶 (Tan Jing), 赵薇 (Vicki Zhao)

Award: Best Male Song MV of 2008
Nominees- 箇中強手 (Trendy Man) (罗志祥-Show Luo), 蛇舞 (Snake Dance) (周杰伦-Jay Chou), 不潮不用花錢 (林俊杰-JJ Lin), 心跳 (Heartbeat) (王力宏-Leehom Wang)

Award: Best Female Song MV of 2008
Nominees- 带我走 (Take Me Away) (杨丞琳-Rainie Yang), More More More (萧亚轩-Elva Hisao), 抱歉柯德莉夏萍 (Sorry Audrey) (Kelly Chen), 心・战~RED CLIFF~ (Heart.War ~RED CLIFF~) (阿兰-alan)

Award: Best Male 'comeback' Look of 2008
Nominees- 王力宏 (Leehom Wang), 罗志祥 (Show Luo), 周杰伦 (Jay Chou), Leon Lai, 吴尊 (Wu Zun-Fahrenheit), Jacky Cheung

Award: Best Female 'comeback' Look of 2008
Nominees- 陈嘉桦 (Ella Chen), 杨丞琳 (Rainie Yang), 卫兰 (Janice Vidal), 王若琳 (Joanna Wang), Kary Ng

Award: Best Band of 2008
Nominees- S.H.E, F.I.R, 大嘴巴 (Da Mouth), 南拳妈妈 (Nan Quan Mama), Fahrenheit, JVKV


Best Male Voice of 2008 - 张栋梁 (Nicholas Teo)

There is no lying that Nicholas Teo's voice could melt the most coldest of things, he knows how to utilise his voice for a knock-out ballad, that could impact you with so many emotions, while enabling it to make a pop song incredibly cute. Though other artists try to impress their fans with new vocal techniques, Nicholas manages to give his fans more endulgence by bringing out more and more 'to-die-for' ballads making him one of the hottest artists this year, with a very big future ahead of him.

Best Female Voice of 2008 - 张靓颖 (Jane Zhang)

I know that many may not see Jane Zhang as their most favourite singers but this girl is a jewel from Sichuan province, her vocal range is one of the largest in the CPOP scene (along with Faye from F.I.R) as she is one of the lucky girls to be able to use the 'whistle register' - much like Mariah Carey and Minnie Riperton. However, in the early stages of her career it seemed Jane had not been taught to control her singing ability while using the whistle register, but after the working with Leehom Wang for a duet on his latest album (Heartbeat) it seems she has finally conquered that obstacle, meaning she is now one of the greats in vocal talents.

Best Male Album of 2008 - Capricorn (周杰伦-Jay Chou)

Though not a personal favourite there is no denying that Jay Chou has made another hit with his latest release, Capricorn, with his generic style of ocassional inaduable lyrics Jay shows his fans that he can adapt to any genre of music. With songs such as 'Snake Dance' it is clear that Jay Chou is not letting go of his sex appeal, though many have proclaimed him 'ugly' the MV for the song proves the critics wrong. Also with a few ballads to break up the upbeat tempo songs, Jay further proves his ability as a singer-songwriter and would most likely melt girls hearts with his voice.

Best Female Album of 2008 - Kellylicious (Kelly Chen)

Taking out time to further her career as an actress Kelly Chen proves that her abilities as a singer have not faded away by releasing a very modern album, proving Kelly is a powerful 'Diva' in the Cantopop music industry. With it's addition of the Mandarin single for her latest film 'An Empress and the Warriors' that adds to the other slower songs, Kelly attemps a some what 'r&b' influenced song called 'Love Fighters' which in my personal opinion is very successful - allowing this album to fit any mood.

Greatest Fashion Male Icon of 2008 - Andy Lau

As one of the aging artists Andy Lau has been through many looks, just like Aaron Kwok who would have been 2008 Male Icon if not for the over-sized bow-tie and odd hairstyle at this years Hong Kong Film Awards. However, this year Andy Lau showed how a simple suit could make any man of any age attractive, keeping to a monochromatic theme Andy makes himself one desirable man.

Greatest Fashion Female Icon of 2008 - 杨丞琳 (Rainie Yang)

The year of 2007 wasn't very kind to the young ballad-singer when she showed off her new 'pom-pom' hair style that looked like an extremely hairy rodent had decided to sleep on her head for the entirity of the year, even though her music was at a high standard, her stylist must have been on her period for that look. However, another year and another look for Rainie, this time her direction was perfect. Getting rid of the rodent and swapping it for a natural 'Venus' like hair style that gives her the more mature look she desired, showing that this girl is finally blossoming into a young woman. But it did not stop with her hair, it seemed this mature theme converted to her fashion as she drops the 'cute' attire for a more 'young woman' ensemble while remaining modern... Rainie, we salute you this year.

Best Male Song MV of 2008 - 箇中強手 (Trendy Man) (罗志祥-Show Luo)
<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/3yBMj-NwDwk&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/3yBMj-NwDwk&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

A clever move by Show Luo this year as he reveals a rather sexy persona for his new album 'Trendy Man' and the song of the same title is no exception. This MV has to be one of Show's best and one for the year as he shows off his talents as a dancer, while melting girls (and boys) hearts with his more 'sexual' side. We only hope this upbeat, sexy and mature side of Show Luo continues to blossom.

Best Female Song MV of 2008 - 心・战~RED CLIFF~ (Heart.War ~RED CLIFF~) (阿兰-alan)
<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/7B9THSLvfNQ&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/7B9THSLvfNQ&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Though this song is part of the 'Red Cliff' OST many would expect a high budget MV, which it looks like it was. But this MV would be nothing without the siren-like voice of alan, the young Tibetan singer making her mark on the mainland CPOP music scene once again. Not only are we given little 'snippets' of the film Red Cliff but specially made scenes for alan's beauty to shine, making this MV the greatest of 2008.

Best Male 'comeback' Look of 2008 - 王力宏 (Leehom Wang)

Even though he is already one of  the hotties in CPOP, Leehom has shocked us all by dressing in leathers and adopting a rock persona to give him one delicious look. This year looks like Leehom will dominate the music scene, as usual, not only through mixing traditional Chinese music with modern rock, but my making every fan of his drool as he appears as the devlishly hot rocker.

Best Female 'comeback' Look of 2008 - 陈嘉桦 (Ella Chen)

Ever since starting out in the girl group S.H.E, Ella has always been the masculine one taking on the deeper harmonies and even sometimes looking like a boy. However, she shocked many on the red carpet wearing a beautiful LBD that showed audiences that she could challenge any girl as a fashion and possible 'sex' symbol, such as the picture above. This year S.H.E released FM S.H.E and surprisingly Ella both sounded and looked like the woman that she is, making us all hope that this visage will be carried from now on.

Best Band of 2008 - F.I.R

With a beauty for a lead it is not surprising that the group F.I.R would be the best, however, there is one reason for this - Faye. Yes, this year showed a revalation many fans may have never known, that Faye had the ability of a 'whistle register', this found in the song 'Loved' which as become the bands most difficult song to perform for them, especially as this technique is very new to Faye  - I hand it to you Faye, once used you have to use it again and for longer periods in a song, it is a beautiful ability! But not only that F.I.R have always been adaptable from rock, pop and to even beautiful ballads.